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dimanche 17 septembre 2017

Vancouver by aksel

So the last blog was that I was talking about Vancouver and the hotel well now I'm talking about how fun it was in the hotel.First I got in and looked at the hotel room it was very clean and I just loved it.Then I looked at the stuff and I was chilling with my iPad. Then I went to eat dinner, went back after dinner I was in the hotel room then I chilled for a little then went to sleep.


Today we went to Vancouver and slept at a hotel. This was probably one of the best hotels I've ever experience. I hope I can go to L'Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver again. The hotel had a pool and a hot tub. The pool had a heater, and it was in pretty good temature. The internet was pretty fast too, for hotel wifi. The hotel also had great service. The service was really polite and helped with a lot.


vendredi 15 septembre 2017

Hells Canyon

Last week we went to Hells Canyon and we went to a jet boat. We even stopped by a beach to have picnic. It was delicious.
We had burritos which I find really cool. Then we went back to the place where we started the jet boating. Then saw 2 hunters that had shot a deer. It was really gross and I didn't like those guys. They took the guts out of the deers neck. Other than that, the day was pretty cool.


We went to Vancouver by aksel

Vancouver is a city in Canada and were going there. It's gonna be a long way until we're in Vancouver. We're going to chill at a hotel for a day and I'm excited. In a few days we're going to reach the hotel. We're on our way there but still miles away from it. We're just going to stay in the car and have some breaks and chill. We're on the road right now.

jeudi 7 septembre 2017

We went in a boat at the snake river. By aksel

So the river was pretty fun I really got wet there was really fun jumps but I did not fall of the guy that was coaching us was a really nice guy we had some fun. I needed to use a school bus to go there and to go back there was other People in aur boat sometimes it was smooth and sometimes it was pretty rough.


We started off the day by going to a coffee shop to do school. Then we went rafting in Jackson. The river we rafted on was called Snake River. I think this experience was really good. Then we went back to the camp sites. It was a pretty good day.

dimanche 3 septembre 2017

We went to a river by Virginia Falls in Yellowstone, by aksel

So my birthday was yesterday I didn't do the blog because it was my birthday. Today when I woke up I was by a river I ate breakfast there and some people joined us they had dogs and we had some fun.

vendredi 1 septembre 2017

My birthday tomorrow. By aksel

My birthday is tomorrow and I'm having a double party the first one is I'm going to pick a restaurant and a hotel and I'm going to pick the best one I can find. The second one is the day I get back to San Francisco that's when I'm having a real party with my friends. I'm really excited my birthday is in September 2nd.